My hometown Noosa, Australia

January 13, 2020

I’ve lived in Noosa, Queensland for over 28 years. Noosa is an Australian resort town known for its famous point breaks, beaches, restaurants and national parks.

Noosa beach is one of the few beaches on the east coast of Australia that faces north, ensuring the beach is bathed in sunshine all day.

Noosa has a population of just over 50,000 people with no high-rise buildings, only two sets of traffic lights, lots of roundabouts and some of the best beaches in Australia.

December to February is our summer with temperatures ranging from a low of 21c to 30c during the day. Winter is from June to August with temperatures ranging from an overnight low of 10c to 21c during the day.

Noosa is located on the Sunshine Coast and is a 2-hour drive from Brisbane, the capital city of the state of Queensland.

The most famous street in Noosa is Hastings Street which is lined with shops, restaurants and cafes. On the other side of Hastings Street is Noosa Main Beach.

Hastings Street is where I tend to pop into for a cup of coffee and Noosa Main Beach is where I go for my morning walks when at home at my Noosa beach house.

Noosa is a purely magical destination for a holiday. For those lucky enough to call Noosa home, you live in one of Australia’s most popular and beautiful resort towns.

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