How do Billy Houston and Pat Gabriel, the two main characters in my novel ‘Billy Houston: Rags to Riches’ describe each other?

December 16, 2019

Billy and Pat first met as 14-year-old schoolboys at Santa Monica High School. Pat was the smart one, always top of his class who went onto become a lawyer specialising in franchise law.

Billy has suffered life’s ups and downs since arriving in California as a 14-year-old schoolboy from Australia, the Land Down Under. Expelled from Santa Monica High School, his face rebuilt from a horrific car accident then shortly after held up at gunpoint in a LA bar.

Events that ultimately helped shape Billy’s successful life as a business entrepreneur.

Together, Billy and Pat would go on and build some incredibly successful businesses. They also had one equally incredible business failure which perhaps they would rather not talk about (read the book to find out more).

Pat, describing Billy –

  • “A guy who never gives up no matter what. Always believes that to be successful you must fail. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard him say “it’s how you deal with those failures that determines your success.”
  • “A workaholic who struggles to find the balance between work and family hence his three failed marriages and the ex-Thai girlfriend.”
  • “Full of ideas, some of which are sensational whilst some of his weirder ideas have me rolling around in fits of laughter.”
  • “Has that lovely Aussie sense of humour, is always calling me ‘Mate’ which makes me laugh.”
  • “When he says to me – “Mate have I got a business idea for us” I’m not sure whether to run away or stay and listen. I’m only joking when I say that. I know Billy would have thought of something out of the box that will be a great success.”
  • “Loyal to those close to him, trustworthy, but doesn’t tolerate fools.”
  • “Always accepts what people tell him as the truth which at times can lead to his undoing. He fails to understand that some people do tell lies.”
  • “Likes a beer, likes a surf and likes a party, perhaps all three too much at times.”
  • “Has a rare incredible zest for life. I’m sure he jumps out of bed every day and can’t wait for that day’s adventures. Like a big kid at times with his enthusiasm.”

Billy describing Pat –

  • “A very smart guy. His knowledge of franchising law was critical to being able to list our company on Wall St.”
  • “A happily married family man. Used to be as wild as me in our teenager years but unlike me has managed to remain happily married for 25 years whilst successfully raising a young family.”
  • “Trustworthy, honest and loyal.”
  • “Doesn’t drink as much as me – which is probably good.”
  • “I think he shudders with fear when I say, “Mate have I got a business idea for us.”
  • “He is like a brother to me. My best mate.”

Follow the trials and tribulations of Billy Houston and his best mate from high school, Pat Gabriel as together they take on corporate America.

A story of persistence, failure, greed, corruption, lies and egos intermixed with mystery, success and laughter. If you like business thrillers with a touch of mystery and inspiration, then you’ll love reading, ‘Billy Houston Rags to Riches.’

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