“Billy Houston, once again finds himself trusting too easily. His rise and fall from his fortune. The betrayal, this time was deadly. The first book takes you to the point that this books starts and yes, one more will be coming. Love this character. I freely give this review.”

- G. F. Bard

Billy Houston Fall from Grace (Book 2)

Billy Houston Fall from Grace (Book 2)

“Not a cookie-cutter book. Filled with depth, emotions, highs and lows.” Sharon Spring, 5-Star Review

At the age of 50, Billy Houston had it all – one NYSE-listed company worth nearly 500 million dollars, an idyllic life on the beaches of Thailand, and a new business venture poised to take Southeast Asia by storm.

But the higher you rise, the further the fall – as Billy was about to find out, as his world comes crashing down around him.

The sequel to the thrilling Billy Houston Rags to RichesBilly Houston Fall From Grace demonstrates just how hard you hit the ground when you fall from grace; in a tale filled with treachery, murder, despair and triumph – all written with the signature wit and wisdom of real-life serial entrepreneur Greg Holman.

About The Author

Greg Holman

Greg Holman is an Australian business entrepreneur who retired from corporate life in October 2017.

He now divides his time between Noosa, Australia and the idyllic beaches of Thailand.

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